So,let's say Croatia is not one of the famous wine country in the world :) But after this sailing cruise you will definetely bring home few bottles as a memory on this wonderful trip. There are some autochthonous croatian wines that will surprise your tasting senses. On this cruise you will try some of them, and enjoy your perfect vacation sipping the wine and looking to the sun and sea through the empty glass.

What's Included

Adventure boat aims to offer a fully inclusive week where you relax and enjoy tasty food and locally grown wine.
Included with your booking:

  • Professional skipper with excellent local knowledge
  • 7 nights accommodation on your yacht
  • Free WiFi on your yacht
  • Breakfast
  • Bottled water
  • Towels and linens
  • Port fees, tourist taxes and fuel
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • BYO alcohol on your yacht at no extra charge
  • Discounted optional activities

Other Costs

Additional Costs for your trip may include evening meals, drinks at local wineries, admission to historical monuments, other excursions and personal items.

Prices in Croatia:
  • Beer - €2 to €5
  • Cocktails - €6 to €10
  • Shots - €2,5 to €6
  • Coffee - €1,5 to €4
  • Fast Food - €3,5 to €7,5 (Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, etc.)
  • Dinner with Wine - €20 to €40 (At good local restaurants)
  • Hvar Water Taxi - 13€

The prices in Croatian supermarkets and local markets are very reasonable and similar or lower to other European countries.


There are endless choices of things to do while sailing in Croatia. We will be happy to help you plan or organize any activities of your choice.

Popular Activities:
  • Cliff jumping - FREE
  • Fishing off the back of your yacht - FREE (bring your own fishing gear)
  • Paddleboarding - FREE
  • Snorkeling - FREE (equipment included)
  • Hiking on Scedro island - FREE
  • Wine tasting in Korcula - €16

Please note that itinerary and all activities may be subject to change due to weather and sea conditions. Is there something you'd like to try out that is not on this list? Ask us! We are here to help you.


Let's start with short description of Split. Well, immagine this. Once upon a time (it's not a fairytale, guy really existed:)), there was a roman emperor called Diocletian, at that time he was the most powerfull person in the world. One day that guy decided to retire...and, of all those places in the world...he chose Split, and built one of the most beatiful roman palaces. And the coolest thing is, that pallace is still, go walk around it !!:)

Split 1Split 2


Wake up and soak up the sun being just few inches from crystal blue adriatic sea, or just jump from the boat and dive in the sea :) Use lunch time to visit some of the local wine and olive oil producers, taste some of the best croatian olives oils from Brac island Have a nice dinner at local restaurants and enjoy some coctails being close to the sea and listening the sound of waves.



Welcome to Hvar island !!! :) The island of Hvar is unusual in the area for having a large fertile coastal plain, and fresh water springs. Its hillsides are covered in pine forests, with vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and lavender fields in the agricultural areas. Hvar on average every year has a total of 2800 sunshine hours per year which makes it one of the sunniest place in Mediterranean Visit with us some of the best croatian wineries Plenkovic, Tomic, Dubokovic...

Hvar 1Hvar 2


Home of the best croatian oysters, it would be a sin coming to Mali Ston and not try one of these delights. Fortunately, this is also location of many wineries. Some of the the finest croatian wines of sort Plavac Mali can be found on locations Dingac and Postup. Enjoy !!:)

Pelješac 1Pelješac 2


Just few kilometres from Peljesac is situated town of Korcula, founded in early greek history times once called "Melaina Korkyra" or Black Corfu According to legend, the island was founded by Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC who is also famed as the founder of the city of Padua. Old town of Korcula is one of the croatian must see places, beautiful medieval fortress and houses will enthrall you. On inland of the island can be found vineyards of Poöip sort, golden yellow color wine, hard and dense in the glass which leaves a thick trail, high alcohol , full and distinctive flavor with a characteristic aroma of dried apricots and figs.

Korčula 1Korčula2


Magnificient and still touristically untouched island offers one the best diving position in Europe on Rt Bijelac. Try local sort of wines Rukatac, and enjoy in perfectly prepared fresh fish. Or even better look for local Konoba (small restaurant) and ask for "Hobotnica pod pekom", specially prepared octopus.

Lastovo 1Lastovo 2


Well, i dont think we need to say any introduction for Dubrovnik, it is simply one the most beautiful towns in the world. Just pass the citty walls, step on Stradun (central street in Dubrovnik), and say WOW !!:)

Dubrovnik 1Dubrovnik 2