Are you a wine lover that enjoys going on adventures? Join us on a trip you’ll be talking about to your friends and loved ones for ages to come, or even better, bring them as well! Choose an adventure that suits you most! We’re offering a wide range of activities combined with our favorite hobby: wine tasting! Whether you’re into sailing and have been dreaming about exploring the sea on a sailboat or cycling through countrysides, forests and seasides or even just have a calm, relaxing vacation, we got you! Here are your options:




Read about every option in our detailed descriptions and choose wisely!

The main focus – as you can see- in all three options is wine! You’ll get to visit some of the most well-known wine cellars in Istria: Kozlovic, Matosevic, Kabola, Roxanich and Degrassi. Little did you know that Istria got into the Top 10 Best European Wine Destinations in 2016! Also WineEnthusiast ranked it amongst the top 10 Best Wine Travel Destinations in 2015!

Check out other cool titles Istria got:



If that’s not enough, take a look at these wine yards and wine cellars you’re going to visit with us!




And to answer your final question: Yes! There will be cheese as well!


Whichever option you’ll choose, this unique experience of the Adriatic Coast will take over all of your senses, so stop waiting and start living the Mediterranean dream! We’re just a click away!